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VIVEKANAND HOSPITAL, LATUR Vivekanand Medical Foundation & Research Centre

The word pathology refers to the study of disease in general. It is the study of causes and effects of disease or injury. It involves the examination of tissues and bodily fluids. Pathology finds out biochemical and structural alterations in diseased tissue and the underlying mechanism that causes the changes.

It provides correct and reliable diagnostic information to the clinician. Pathology lab is a place, where all these pathological tests are done to find out the biochemical and structural changes. It involves gross, microscopic, genetic and molecular modalities to determine the presence  of disease. The test are based on the truths revealed by sciences of Haematology, Serology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Cytology, Histology, Microbiology.

VHL has a separate pathology department since inception of the hospital and has upgraded it from time to time to keep abreast of developments in science of pathology and related technology.

      The main features of the lab.

Equipments in the LAB

Pathology Department -  Department -  Pathology
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