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VIVEKANAND HOSPITAL, LATUR Vivekanand Medical Foundation & Research Centre

In VHL, every year Ganesh Utsav is celebrated with great cultural fervour and religious enthusiasm. The idol of Shri Ganesh is the personified form of faith in God. It is our strong belief that Shri Ganesh is the God of all Gods or the ultimate God. Everything that is beautiful, true and divine is enshrined in the idolised God. All these thoughts remain at the back of our mind when we worship Shri Ganesh in this festival. This Ganesh Utsav is a 10 days long celebration that falls on the month of Bhadrapad. We bring the idol of Shri Ganesh in a colourful precession and install it on a well decorated dias and the ‘First Pooja’ is offered from bottom of the heart. At he end of this ritual the host offers his devotions by singing ‘Ganesh Hymn’ along with the chorus of fellow devotees. Every day the same ritual is repeated with chorus of increasing number of devotees. During this 10 days period many entertaining, educative, informative and inspirational programmes are arranged for the staff and doctors. Sport and other different competitions make the atmosphere more lively and joyful. The immersion procession on the 10th day attains the climax of the festival.

The procession is taken out with the idol on chariot like vehicle and devotees walking and dancing along side. Large number of staff members and doctors participate in the procession, playing typical musical instruments like big drums and bells.

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