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The Fund has been created to take care of free treatment costs of extremely poor patients.

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VIVEKANAND HOSPITAL, LATUR Vivekanand Medical Foundation & Research Centre

Holding or arranging a medical camp has not remained a novelty any more. It has become a popular and common subject. Even it has not remained restricted to medical domain. Though it has proved it’s importance, it has got many limitations and short comings also. Medical camps have got their own merits and help the medical system in many ways.

How camp helps?

We have been organising different types of medical camps since 1975.

Till date, we have held more than 300 camps at various locations in the surrounding area. It is un-necessary to go into further details of this subject. But some speciality surgical camps definitely deserve mention. We had Mitral valvotomy camp. Epilepsy camp, Asthma Camp, Cataract and Squint camp, Typanoplasty camp, Polio and deformity correction camp, Angiography-Angioplasty camp, Oral cancer screening camp, Mammography - pap smear camp.

Presently we are engaged in holding cancer detection camps :

1) We have started a new project in association with health dept. Called ‘Cancer Free Latur

Modus Operandi

  1. Asha workers give home visit in their work field and screen the population for cancer complaints and signs.
  2. Suspects are brought to the primary health centre where VHL experts examine the patient.
  3. Suspects selected by doctors are brought to VHL for further investigations and definative treatment.

Similar to above mentioned project another breast cancer project is under way. It is in association with a NGO.

  1. NGO screens the vulnerable female population and suspected cases are brought to VHL in group of 20, for digital mammography.

Till date 150 cases have been completed.

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