The Fund has been created to take care of free treatment costs of extremely poor patients.

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Head Office

Vivekanand Hospital

Vidya Nagar, Signal Camp,

Latur. 413512 Maharashtra.

Phone : +91-2382-45901/2/3

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Vivekanand Cancer Hospital

Plot No P-55, MIDC,

Kalamb Road, Latur. 413531

Phone : +91-2382-222920 / 221920

email :

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VIVEKANAND HOSPITAL, LATUR Vivekanand Medical Foundation & Research Centre

Presently, Vivekanand Hospital is a well known, highly reputed, optimally equipped, comprehensive super speciality healthcare centre, situated in a small town of Latur.

Though, now it is comparable qualitatively and quantitatively with the super speciality hospitals in the metro cities, which are most of the time, one stage establishments with enormous amount of investment and pre-planning. Vivekanand Hospital at the time of inception was a very small establishment. It has evolved slowly and steadily to its present size and status on account of efforts of the founder doctors. Their dedication, professional skills and social outlook has brought out this change.

More than fifty years have passed since inception of this public charitable hospital. It was founded on 12th January 1966, the auspicious day of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand.

Four post - graduate doctors from Pune, Dr. Ashok Kukade, Dr. Jyotsna Kukade, Dr. Gopikishan Bharadia and Dr. Ram Alurkar are the pioneers of the hospital.

These four doctors were close friends from their studentship days in the medical college. For all these 7 years of their training period, they remained associated with the social organization like R.S.S. and Ramkrishna Mission and got motivated by the teachings and philosophy of these organization.

Instead of thinking, only about personal gains, they thoughtfully added some social object to their profession and committed to establish Vivekanand Hospital at Latur.

They started the hospital with the help of small borrowings from their family and friends and managed their individual life on subsistent income by living together as one single family.

All these things lie at the roots of Vivekanand Hospital and make its foundation very strong.

Vivekanand Medical Foundation has some social objective besides its professional goal. The foundation works to make the social fabric strong and to disseminate the feeling of unity and integrity in our society.

In today’s context, Vivekanand Hospital was the first experiment of this kind. After this, many others have successfully replicated this model and have established such social oriented projects.

The society has welcomed such projects.

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