Social Activities

Rescue activities in Natural & Epidemic Calamities :

* The institution was deeply involved in the rescue & rehabilitation work after Killari earthquake calamity. Hundreds of patients were treated for a long time free of cost. 3 primary health care centres were also established in earthquake affected area. Immediately after the earthquake calamity in Gujrat two teams of qualified doctors & necessary staff of the Institution rushed to Gujrat for providing medical aid to the victims. For 15 days these services were rendered.

* the experience of medical relief work undertaken by the institution at Killari & Gujrat earthquake a project of well-equipped Mobile Clinic with the facility of Operation Theater for effective & efficient work was planned & executed. This Mobile Clinic /O.T. is being taken at the site of natural or Road traffic calamity.
In normal course of time it can be utilised for rendering specialised medical services at the door of the patients in rural as well as slum area.

* With the help of this Mobile Clinic the institution could provide effectively medical relief services in Mumbai & Bihar for the victims of Floods.

Awards  & Recognitions : 
Shahu Phule Ambedkar Puraskar of Government of Maharashtra has been awarded to the Trust on 09.08.2015
The Trust has been Praised with Memento by Maharashtra Government for the excellent medical rescue work carried out at the calamity of Killari               Earthquake in 1993.
* Founder Trustee Dr. Ashok Kukade has been Honoured by following awards and recognitions for his medico soical work through Vivekanand Medical         Foundation and Research Centre, Latur
* Dwarika Sangamnerkar Medical foundation SHATAYUSHI PURASKAR 1992. 
* FIE Foundation National award 1993 for services at the Killari Earthquake at the gracious hands of the then Finance Minister Hon. Manmohan Singh 
* Late M.B.Natu award  Pune for social services.    
* Late P.B. Bhave award Mumbai  for social services  at the gracious hands of the then Sirkaryawah R.S.S., Hon. H. V. Sheshadri.  
* R.G. Joshi Foundation, Mumbai  Annual National Integration Award 03. at the gracious hands of the then Home Minister Shri. L.K. Advani.
* Founder Trustee Dr. G.R. Bharadia Honoured by Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti, Mumbai at the hands of Dr. Prakash Aamte on the occasion  of  doctors day.
* Founder Trustee Shri. S.V. Karva Honoured by Indian Red Cross Merit Award at the hands of Dr. J.P. Nadda (Central Health Minister) in Rashtrapati  Bhavan, New Delhi.